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Automobile Accident Lawyer in Hampton roads

Auto Accident Specialists is your automobile accident and medical malpractice lawyer to call when you need help. Our personal injury attorney George Joyner III P.C. is here for you when you have been hurt through no fault of your own.
Doctor to Treat!
If you have been hurt in a car accident, our automobile accident lawyer can help direct you to a physician to work with. These doctors are willing to wait on payment until your claim is settled. Then, let us investigate the claim to see if you have a viable claim.
Easy, Fast, Fair Recovery. Call Now!
Remember, it is very important to have a doctor treat you. We can handle both minor and serious automobile accident injuries. Our automobile accident lawyer makes the entire claims process convenient for you. Claims are filed the same day for:
  • Car Damage
  • Rental Car
  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Any Personal Injury
  • Minor or Serious Injury
Car Accident — Attorney in Portsmouth, VA
Slip & Fall Injuries
If you have a slip or fall injury we know doctors that you can work with to get the treatment you need while we work on your claim. The doctors we know are willing to wait for payment until your claim is settled.
Medical Malpractice Lawyer Review
When you call our office, we do a brief intake, and mail you a review to be filled out. We send you a letter to let you know that we can review your medical malpractice suit to see if you have a legitimate case. Once we receive the review back, and your medical records, we review all your records and make a determination to see if there is an indication of a breach to the standard of care.
Easy, Fast, Fair Recovery. Call Now!
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